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Bigcat Instruments has released VSCO2 Community Edition: a free rompler, compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. The name is short for Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2. VSCO2 contains over 2,000 samples, divided into 25 instruments, such as violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone, tuba, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, organ, harp, percussion and much more.

The interface is totally straightforward: after selecting the patch, it’s possible to adjust volume, pan and reverb. Amplitude ADSR envelope controls are available to shape the sound.

It’s also possible to set the instrument articulation, by clicking any yellow key from the virtual keyboard. Instrument articulation includes tremolo, staccato, legato, vibrato, sustain, and more.

The rompler has 32 and 64-bit versions for Windows, running as a VST plugin. There are also VST and AU versions for Mac OS.

If you’re looking for orchestra patches, most of them as solo or small chamber sounds, VSCO2 can be a good choice.


– Free VSCO2 Community Edition;

– 25 orchestra instruments;

– Over 2,000 samples;

– Amplitude envelope controls;

– Volume and pan gain controls;

– Built-in reverb;

– Windows (7 and above) and Mac OS compatible;

– 32 and 64-bit versions;

– VST format for Windows;

– VST and AU formats for Mac OS.

Visit Bigcat Instruments and download VSCO2 rompler for free:

You can also visit Versilian Studios website ( to check the other VSCO2 editions: Standard, Professional and Go. The Professional Edition, for example, is a 15.5GB music software that contains over 90 instruments, 23,000 samples, 500 articulations, and requires Kontakt 5,5 full to run.

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