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Behringer X touch compact

Behringer X-Touch Compact is a universal MIDI/USB controller and, it’s an excellent hardware tool to control your preferred DAW, virtual instrument, plugin or even lighting system. As a class-compliant device, no driver install is needed. By downloading and installing the editor software, it will be possible to map and customize all faders, buttons, and knobs to your needs.

The custom mapping is designed to access all basic parameters of a DAW:

At the top, there are eight fully assignable knobs (1 to 8), mostly used to control pan or levels. Eight more knobs (9 to 16) can be seen grouped at the right, and they can be used to adjust other parameters, such as filters and EQ.

Then we have three groups of eight select buttons that typically control track parameters like mute, solo and arm.




X-Touch comes with eight motorized faders to control channel levels plus one more to control the master channel. When controlling a virtual instrument, such as a virtual organ, the faders can work as drawbar controls.

There are nine select buttons at the bottom that usually control lighting systems or can also be set to trigger samples. The first button switches the product to function in standard mode or Mackie control mode. Most DAWs have Mackie Control protocol compatibility (such as Logic and Protools), so just check out the software documentation.

At the right, you can see six transport buttons, as well as Layer A and B, that can be used to save and access saved presets.


The rear panel has an AC In (cable included) and a power switch. Two USB-hub (type A) connections are available so that you can connect external devices, such as USB midi keyboards, mouse, and USB controllers. The USB MIDI jack (type B) will connect X-Touch Compact to a computer for data transfer. Note that the unit can work in standalone mode, with no USB connection.

There are also Midi In/Out ports, as well as Expression and Foot Switch inputs.


– 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders;

– Mackie Control mode and Standard midi mode;

– 16 rotary controls;

– USB port for data transfer and connection with external devices;

– Midi In/Out jacks;

– Software editor (via download);

– Power and USB cables included.


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