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Base II is a pad controller by Livid Instruments. It is a high versatile, fully customizable midi instrument that will make your performances a lot more interesting. It’s also great for making beats, composing and even controlling light and visual gear.

It is a Class Compliant product, so no drivers are required. Also, no external power supply needed since Base II is USB powered.

At the top, there are eight RGB backlit touch buttons that can be mapped to receive midi messages. You can set it to work as track select buttons, for example.

Below it, there are eight RGB backlit touch faders, which usually can be mapped to control track volume. A ninth touch fader is at the right, above the character display, and it can be set to control master volume.


Base II comes with 32 velocity sensitive buttons, with RGB Indicator LEDs. You can set them to trigger effects, beats and more. You can even use the PADs to play instruments, like synths and pianos.

At the right, there’s a dual character display, that will show the current CC mode, bank or feature.

There are also eight RGB backlit rubber buttons that can be fully mapped. You can set them to recall mappings and banks.

All controls can be mapped using Base II editor (included). So, it’s possible to set modes of output, velocity, midi channel, sensitivity, and much more.


– Class Compliant Midi Controller;

– 8 RGB Backlit touch buttons;

– 9 RGB Backlit faders;

– 8 RGB Backlit function buttons;

– 32 RGB Backlit velocity-sensitive pads;

– 7 banks of controls;

– USB powered

– Dual character display;

– Base II Editor included.

Visit Livid website: www.lividinstruments.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com