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Atom is a virtual instrument for Kontakt, built around a huge collection of samples recorded from a good number of sources, and edited using advanced sound design techniques. The result is a sound library full of cinematic and experimental sounds, perfect for composers, sound designers and producers.

Atom comes with over 180 patches and presets, built from a collection of 3.000 samples, plus filter, effects, LFO’s, envelope and arpeggiator sections. The sound combinations are infinite.

Atom’s main screen shows two slots so that the user can layer the sound sources. The same presets are available for both layers and are divided into five main categories: Atmo, Keys, FX, Percussive and Synthetic.  A layer has a big knob for volume, and knobs for Fine and Tune. It’s possible to turn on/off the EQ section, which works as a 4-band parametric EQ. Each layer also has an amplitude envelope generator, with ARSR controls.

Below the layers, we have buttons to access the other features of the instrument. The LFO section has options to choose between 5 waveforms (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth and random), as well as Depth and Rate knobs, and a Sync switch.

The Filter view has Cutoff and Resonance controls, as well as ADSR knobs. Both filter and envelope can be enabled or disabled through dedicated switches.

It’s possible to set Atom’s to mono, poly or legato modes through the Mode view. In the Master view, the user can adjust the main volume and pan. There’s also a master compressor available, with controls for threshold, ratio, attack, release and output gain.

The FX section has several available effects: Filter, Chorus, Lo-Fi, Stutter, Delay 1 and 2, Unison and Convolution Reverb, with 20 custom presets. There are also controls for Stereo, Drive and Pan. Each layer has its own FX section.

Atom comes with a 16-step sequencer, where it’s possible to create different settings for each layer, as well as edit sequence direction (up, down, up and down, as played, etc.) set the number of octaves affected, and adjust Gate and Rate parameters. It’s possible to save the changes for future use.

Atom comes in a 6GB download pack (a total of 7.2GB of sounds) and requires full version of Kontakt 5.5.0 (or higher).

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