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Beatstep is a midi controller and sequencer by Arturia. It is compact, rugged, perfect for stage or studio, and it comes with several connectivity options. Beatstep works amazingly to control virtual instruments, DAWs, plugins and external hardware synths and drum machines. It is also a 16-step sequencer, capable of storing up to 16 sequences in the internal memory for instant access.

Beatstep has sixteen encoders, sixteen velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, a main encoder, two transport buttons, two mode buttons, Recall and Store buttons, Shift button and Channel button.

The product works through two modes: Controller or Sequencer. In the Controller mode, encoders, pads and transport controls can be assigned to any midi parameter, directly trough Midi Learn or running the Midi Control Center software (download required).

In the Sequencer mode, the oversized encoder will change the tempo or transpose the sequence (when used with the Shift button). The pads will enable or disable the sequence steps. They will also set various sequencer parameters, such as playback mode, timing value, input scale, and more. The encoders will edit the note for the corresponding pad/step in a sequence. So, encoder 1 will affect pad 1, encoder 2 will affect pad 2, and so on.

Beatstep comes with a good set of connectivity ports. Gate and CV Out jacks will allow the unit to control external analog synthesizers. Midi Out will connect Beatstep to any Midi compatible device. DC In jack is a USB port to connect the product to a computer, providing power and data. It can also be used as a standard charger. It’s also possible to connect Beatstep to an iPad through the Apple Camera Connection Kit.


– USB/Midi controller;

– 16-step built-in sequencer;

– 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads;

– 16 assignable encoders;

– Midi Out (1/8″ to 5-pin adapter included);

– USB port

– CV Out;

– Gate Out;

– Midi Control Center software (download);

– Mac OS X or later compatible;

– Windows 7 or later compatible.

Visit Arturia website: www.arturia.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com