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AMBIENT WHITE – Funk/Soul Productions is a division of Big Fish Audio. Their release Ambient Noise is a sound-designed virtual instrument ideal for creating textures and ambient music.

If you compose relaxing, beautiful and peaceful music, Ambient White can be an excellent choice for you.

The instrument’s library is most built with organic sources and a few synth patches, resulting in amazing textures and sounds.

There are 250 instrument patches and combinations, divided into seven categories: Pads and Atmosphere, Melodic Instruments, Percussive Instruments, Bass Instruments, Looped Instruments, Effects & Textures, and Multi-Layered Instruments. This last one combines several patches from the other six categories, so the outcome is impressive.

amb white

The interface is beautiful and straightforward: at the left, there are ADSR sliders for amplitude, and a Reverb slider, that controls the amount of reverb added to the sound. A drop down menu allows you to choose one of the 10 different reverb types.

At the right, there are sliders for Bass and Treble. In this case, the slider in the center position will be zero; going to the left will decrease the amount of these parameters while going to the right will increase them.

There are also controls for Delay Return and Feedback. Another drop-down menu, at the bottom right, will have several delay parameters, such as delay time and ping pong and dumping effects.


– 250 instrument patches;

– 7.5 GB of uncompressed WAV data;

– 7 categories of instruments;

– Kontakt Player 5 included.

On Line Music Courses from