Alias 8 by Livid Instruments
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Alias 8 by Livid Instruments is a compact and portable midi controller, built in a durable aluminum case, ideal for DJ’s and music producers. It has full integration with most music software, such as Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Logic, Cubase, and much more.

The controller has eight strips of fully assignable knobs, faders, and RGB LEDs so that you can map a virtual instrument, DAW, VST/AU plugin, or adapt Alias 8 in the best way in your workflow. It’s a good choice for both production and performance.

Alias 8 has 15 internal banks, each one corresponding to a midi channel. It’s also possible to connect a Livid XPC and/or DIY controller to Alias 8, due to the available analog ports, making it an expandable controller. Livid XPC controllers are small boxes with sets of faders and knobs and are available in 3 configurations: eight 30 mm faders; four faders + four knobs; and four knobs + two x/y joysticks. Livid DIY controllers are sets of parts and components so that the user can build their own midi controller.


–    8 programmable faders;

–    1 master fader;

–    16 programmable knobs;

–    16 RGB led buttons;

–    2 analog expansion ports for Livid XPC and DIY controllers;

–    Character display;

–    USB powered.

Alias 8 can be purchased by around $299.00

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