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AKAI – TOM CAT,features


Tom Cat is a new release from Akai. With a cool design, this drum machine has five percussion voices, with real-time controls for volume, tune, pitch, decay and filter, Enjoy programming and performing an analog drum machine!

The five percussion voices are kick, snare, open/closed hi-hat, clap, and disco toms (which can be tuned chromatically). Each voice has independent parameter controls as well as responsive MPC-style pads.

Tom Cat has a built-in 32-step sequencer working as a classic drum machine.

The product also has the Maul – an analog distortion feature that adds a crunchy effect to the sound.

The first things you notice in TC are the grey-yellow design and the feline avatar at the top right.

In the front panel, you can see each one of the five voices, with their set of knobs and pads. At the left, there are buttons for pattern select, a knob for tempo select as well as the mute/solo button. At the right, there are knobs for main volume and the Maul distortion, buttons for sequence and fill, transport and the velocity selector. Turn on this button if you want to record key pressure as well.

At the bottom, we see the step sequencer in a drum machine-style.

Each voice has its controllable parameters, such as volume, tune, and decay.

The rear panel comes with MIDI IOUT and MIDI THRU jacks,  main out,  headphones out, and gate triggers in and out.

You can sync Tom Cat via MIDI or the gate trigger with other equipment such as synthesizers, DAWs, and even external sound sources via gate trigger.


–    5 percussion voices;

–    On-board 32-step sequencer;

–    6 MPC-style pads;

–    Maul distortion feature

–    Knob buttons to control the voice’s parameters;



Tom Cat is available to purchase in Akai’s website:

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