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Akai Rhythm Wolf is an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer from Akai. The idea is to bring back the sensation of programming a vintage machine.

The product also has a 32-step sequencer with the classic drum machine flow, and comes with six MPC-style pads for both programming and finger drumming.

It’s possible to sync the Rhythm Wolf with external MIDI or analog gear using the MIDI or the Gate Trigger jacks. You can also sync using the onboard USB port.

There are independent controls for each one of the 5 voices (kick, snare, percussion, hihats and bass synth), such as volume, tune, attack, decay and noise amount. The bass synth section has also filter cutoff and resonance controls, as well as envelope amount and wave selector. You can change from square to saw wave while performing or recording.

The 32-step sequencer has button color will help the user to correctly play the desired notes while programming.


– 5-voice analog drum machine and bass synth;

– Voices: kick, snare, percussion, hi-hats and bass synth;

– Onboard step sequencer;

– 6 MPC-style pads;

– MIDI In/Out;

– Gate Trigger In/Out;

– USB port;

– 1 Main Out and 1 independent Synth Out.

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com