Akai MPD232
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Akai’s MPD232 is a plug and play surface controllerwith assignable buttons, faders, knobs and pads. It’s a versatile and user-friendly product, designed for DJs, producers and musicians.
The product is compatible with most DAWs and can be connected with other midi equipment as well via midi in and midi out jacks.

MPD232 also has a built-in step sequencer: you can record the pads performance and events. To access this feature, the product has a SEQ REC button at the top left, in the transport panel, along with stop, rec and play buttons.

The user can save their settings in the pad section through 4 pad banks – a convenient feature that allows a better user experience.
The knobs, buttons and faders section can be fully assignable; there are 3 control banks, which can be accessed to save the mapping the user has done.
The pads are velocity and pressure sensitive, so it can record a real-time performance and save it in the pad banks.
It’s an iOS compatible controller, so you just need the Camera Connection Kit to be able control a music app with the MPD232.


– 32-step sequencer to record pad events;
– All pads are pressure and velocity sensitive;
– 8 assignable knobs;
– eight assignable buttons;
– 8 assignable faders;
– Midi in and out jacks;
– iOS compatible;
– Includes Ableton Live Lite, Big Bang Cinematic percussion, Universal Drums and Akai Pro MPC.
It’s a cool surface controller, and the pad touching is awesome.
MPD232 can be purchased directly from Akai’s website with the suggested price of $299.00:

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