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MIDImix is a compact control surface from Akai. It’s a very flexible midi mixer, with fully assignable knobs, buttons and faders. He is designed to work with any DAWs in the market, so producers and musicians can have a great experience while performing and creating.

MIDImix has a new feature called SEND ALL, which saves all the midi settings to your DAW. So, there’s no need to do the mapping again and again each time you open your project. Also, this is a plug-and-play controller – you won’t find any trouble to start operating it. It’s indeed a very easy to use and portable gear. Although MIDImix is ready to work with Ableton Live, you can use it with any DAW.
– 8 line faders;
– 1 master fader;
– 24 knobs (3 per channel);
– Mute and record buttons for each channel;
– Solo button;
– Send All button;
– Bank Left and Bank Right buttons;
– Live Lite included.

All controls can be totally reassigned, so you can create your own midi mapping.
MIDImix can be purchased at a very affordable price ($99). Just find an Akai dealer next to you.

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com