Air Music Technology is a German company which creates virtual instruments, music softwares and virtual effects. They are responsible for remarkable products such as Mini Grand, DB-33, Hybrid 3, among others.

Xpand!2 is virtual music workstation; a multitimbral synthesizer, so you can create your own sounds, as well as use and edit any of the 2500 presets. It’s possible to layer 4 sounds in a single patch, in a very easy and intuitive way. Also, each sound slot has its own arpeggiator. The virtual instrument has 2 effects processors that can be used simultaneously and you can choose and edit any of the 50 effect types. Xpand!2 is truly fun to operate and has a great sound quality.


– Multitimbral;
– 4 instruments parts per patch;
– 64 voices per part;
– Two digital effects processors;
– 50 effect types;
– Intuitive sound editing;
– 2500 presets, including pads, leads, pianos, mallets, bells, guitars, basses, organs, vocals, drums, percussion, FX, loops and much more.
The product can be purchased via direct download in the Air website (
Retail price: $99.99.

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