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AIO 6 is a 6-In/6-Out, 24-bit/192kHz USB audio interface. The product is also a surface controller, so it’s possible to control your preferred DAW using AIO 6 faders, buttons and knobs.

At the left, there are two combo XLR/TRS unbalanced inputs, which accept both instrument and mic connections. These inputs have individual gain controls and 48V phantom power switch buttons. There are also two faders that will adjust the output volume of inputs 1 and 2.

AIO 6 has four channel faders and one master fader that usually are used to control track and master volume. Above the faders, each channel has its individual set of Rec, Solo and Mute buttons, as well as rotary knobs that can by default adjust track pan.

The product also comes with a set of transport, marker, zoom and bank buttons, as well as a jog wheel.

AIO 6 has two headphones outputs, located on both left and right side panels. Each headphone output comes with a TRS jack and a gain knob.

The rear panel has a foot controller connector, a power switch and a power adaptor. A power adaptor (included) is required to use the unit. There is also an USB port for data transferring, Midi In/Out jacks and SPDIF input and output. Notice that there are four line outputs and also inputs 3 and 4.

The product requires driver installation (CD-Rom included), which also installs the control panel software; it allows the user to route all inputs and outputs according to their needs. AIO6 package also comes with iMap software, which is a tool to assign Midi functions to all buttons, knobs and faders.


– 24-bit, 192kHz, USB audio interface;

– 6 inputs and 6 outputs;

– Mic/Instrument preamps on channels 1 and 2;

– 2 analog TRS line inputs;

– 4 analog TRS outputs;

– SPDIF input/output

– 5-pin Midi In/Out jacks;

– 6 volume faders;

– 1 master fader;

– 2 headphone outputs;

– 5 knobs;

– Jog wheel;

– Transport buttons;

– USB 2.0 port;

– Mackie Control protocol for Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Ableton and much more;

– Mackie Hui protocol built-in for ProTools;

– Windows and Mac OS compatible.

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On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com