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Acoustica Nightlife-free virtual synth

Acoustica Nightlife

Acoustica is an American music software company and has released Nightlife – a free virtual synth which is a good choice for EDM producers and music composers.
A free virtual synth has the main features of any virtual synth such as oscillators, filters, effects, modulation routings, LFOs, and arpeggiator. The oscillator part is stunning: all waveforms can be entirely shaped using the computer mouse.
Another cool feature of Nightlife is the Vowel Filter. It makes possible to create vocal effects with a graphic XY interface.
The sequencer section is also remarkable. It’s an arpeggiator that can also be routed to modulate filters, pitch, amplitude and LFOs.
The free virtual instrument is a 32-bit plugin for Windows.

You can download Nightlife directly on Acoustica’s website.


– Up to 140 basses, leads, pads, arps and more;
– 3 oscillators (fully editable waveforms);
– Amp envelope;
– 2 filters;
– Beat Sequencer routable to filter, pitch, amplitude and LFO;
– Vowel filter;
– Mod matrix (9 mod sources and 36 destinations);
This is a versatile virtual synthesizer, with wide programming capabilities. So, if you’re a Windows-based producer, here’s a fine software for your arsenal.

Acoustica’s website:


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