Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Ableton Trance Kick Drum tutorial for killer drums

Ableton Trance Kick Drum tutorial for killer drums

In this Trance tutorial series we really kick things off with a kick, surprisingly. A Trance kick to be more precise. A killer Trance kick drum to be very precise. We look at taking a few kicks, tailoring their specific characteristics to give you your own Trance Kick sound. Over the next few weeks we’ll keep these Trance Tutorials coming so you can really start taking your productions up a gear but more importantly doing it yourself so you’ll have your own distinct sound.

Whilst trance music’s trademark sounds employ sweeping sounds, beautiful chords and haunting melodies, it also features some seriously slick drums, in particular the kick drum. Also, by getting your kick drum nailed, it is such a huge stepping stone in the creative process for writing your trance track, often suggesting to you what else you need to add next, where the track will go from there but also how it will get there.

A great sounding kick really adds inspiration enabling you to start throwing down more elements and layers to build your trance track up.

In this Trance tutorial series, we’re using Ableton but you can employ the methods using your own Digital Audio Workstation. Each week, we’ll add more tutorials which you can use to help you really nail the Trance Music production sound, but by you applying the concepts yourself, so it’s Trance Music, yes, but your interpretation of it. This should help you stand out from the rest as you learn more and more.

So let’s jump right in with the first of our Trance Music tutorials and start how we mean to go on, with a killer kick drum sound.


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