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Ableton Live Fast Pro Tips

Ableton Live Fast Pro Tips – Here’s some quick tips for Ableton Users.

1. Limiter on your master
Be sure to get into the habit of adding a limiter onto your master, from the get go, as this will help guard your speakers against any nasty spikes, until your ready to start mixing down

2. Custom Templates
This will help you get up and running each time you start a new track or project. By saving out your setup, when you start up again, you’re good to go.

3. Keymapping
Shortcuts, because life is too short. This will help speed up your workflow so you can keep that creative spark flowing when it strikes.

4. Locator tips
Let the locator work for you.

5. Looping
This will help, even suggest, new riffs when following the method.

6. Merging Projects
When you’re working on your current project, but miss something from your last project that would sound great if you had it ? Simple, just merged the old project in.

7. Group Effects
Get those effects grouped, then Macro them up for some fast and efficient customization of your sounds.

8. Freeze and flatten
Squeeze more and more out your CPU so you can keep composing like a boss.


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