JHS Pedals See-Saw Modular Volume Pedal
After working on this creation since 2012, JHS Pedals finally released their See-Saw Modular Volume Pedal to the world at Winter NAMM 2016.
For years, JHS and others have been modifying the old favorite Ernie Ball Jr. with Active/No Loss, but this pedal features new adaptations never seen before. The See-Saw is a hybrid volume pedal with preamp, direct box, and tuner. However, what really differentiates it from other volume pedals is its modular format. Modular inserts alter circuitry, allowing you to set a variety of configurations to use at any time.
The pedal is configurable for mono, stereo, and XLR input/output routing. Through optical control, it offers a stable volume sweep, and you can switch between three tapers. If you’re looking to experiment with its full potential, use the See-Saw with other instruments and sound sources in your studio.