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10 tips for your roland tr-8

6. Effects

The effects in the TR-8 don’t get routed out to individual channels but get outputted on the full mix. You can then output sounds using individual channels and keep the full mix for an FX SEND.
Make sure you set Reverb and / or the Delay to 100% and then control the FX using the master volume dial.

7. Configuration of the outputs in your DAW

Wire up your TR-8 to your computer across USB and you can then utilise 14 channels of audio (in mono). 1-2 will be your full mix & effects, 3 is Bass Drum, 4 is Snare, 5 – Low tom,
6, Mid Tom, 7 is High Tom, 8 is Rim Shot, 9 – hand clap,10 closed hat, 11- Open hat, 12 – Crash Cymbal, 13 – Ride Cymbal, 14 – Ext In

8. DJing and Syncing

Part of the great fun to be had with a TR-8 is syncing it up to Traktor or a Kontrol deck.
To easily do this, fire up Traktor’s Controller Manager under the Preferences option
You do need to add a GENERIC MIDI device under DEVICE and then ADD
Once you’ve done that, set the out port to the Kontrol and then turn on the midi clock in Traktor (click Send Midi Clock)
Then you’re off and running !

9. Sync again

If your using your TR-8 playing alongside with other midi gear and need to reset its SYNC – hold down the TAP button and press START / STOP

10. Everything to gain

You can set the gains for each sound from -24 dB up to + 24dB. Hit the KIT button then hold down the instrument button you want to change and use the TEMPO dial to select your required gain


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